Tuesday, 13 April 2010

When the earthquake happened...

I was at home in Rengo with my boyfriend, we were watching a movie while we waiting for our friends to hang out, and suddenly my mom started to scream and run outside and inside the house trying to pray os something like that. Then my dad woke up and told us to go outside to the main street, so he took our two dogs and we got into the car and went to my boyfriend`s home, then he left his house and went to anothers houses to help. After that we went to my grandsparent`s house, and finally and when it was 6 o`clock we went home, we hugged each other and tryed to sleep a little. Nothing happened in my house, just a few paints and glasses fell down, but nothing very important. My mom was clarelly the most nervous, and i was the most calm on the house.
We had so lucky that nothing happened to nobody of our families.
After the earthqueake i`ve been working with families who were victims of this tragedy and with affected children. Our group of coopertation consisted in 20 comands: 7 for collect food and clothes, and 13 for build new houses. With these we helped a lot of people and we are very proud of it.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

First session

My name is Javiera Montecinos, my firneds call me "javi" or "monte" and I`m studing anthropology and this is my first year.
I like to read, painting oils, drawing, sleeping and listen to music.