Tuesday, 22 June 2010

About blogging experience...

The bogging experience it was very new for me, because I’d never had one before. I just don’t like very much this kind of pages, like Facebook or Twiter. I like directly communication with my friends and with people in general, that how we conserved our authentic lives. And that’s why I’m against to have a blog for a way of life. But anyways, and taking into account that blogging this time it’s just for my developing in English in a very entertaining class, this experience for me was very useful and practical because I learned a lot of new words, expressions, and some technical vocabulary. Also I could improve a lot my writing and reading by telling things about me and my own interests and giving my opinion by comment the posts of my classmates. That’s very good because allows an entertaining and interesting class, avoiding bored students. Even when I missed a lot of classes, because I’m in first year and it’s difficult for me to be organized in all my stuff, I fell I learned very much about different expressions that I did not know before. So, here i have an advantage about using blog in class.
Now, one disadvantage can be that even if we write and read a lot about thing that are our interests, posting comments with an ordinary and not technical English, that makes this kind of class a little boring and not very useful, because we, as students of difficult careers that demand us to know a lot of English, in the way that we can now and in the future understand all the authors, we are not yet able to translate most of the texts for different classes. So, that show us that even when blogging helps a lot for our developing in our communication skills. Maybe for this level it's not the solution. However, this experience seems very innovative and positive for me, in the sense of making dynamic and interactive classes.