Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My hobbie

Since I was eleven years old, in Rengo, my natal city, a friend introduce me a very particular person, it was an old man who said that he was an artist. I immediately was very interest about this man, because I had never treat with an artist in my life, so after a long talk with him, I decided that I wanted to learn. Then, he invited me and my friend to his workshop of painting to see his work. His students looked at us with a smile on their faces, and give us a very nice welcome. The man’s work was wonderful, so, since that date I have been painting and painting in my teacher workshop every time I can. He says that I’m good at it, and now that I’m at the university I really miss my oils and paintbrushes, I don’t have time to paint here. I really like it, because it let me express all my feeling in different ways and colours. It also let me reproduce the reality in the way I see it, so it so good for my head and for my career, because I believe that to can be a good anthropologist, you have to know something about making arts.

My favourite trip

When I was in school, my teacher organized a "studying trip" to Mendoza, Argentina. I don´t know this journey was the most important of my life, but I know that there is one of my favorites. So, before the trip, my friends and I began to do a lot of different activities for win money for the class and for our friends that can’t pay the trip. It was a very nice and solidarity week the one before the trip, because everybody wanted to cooperate with us. Then, on October the 8th, we began our adventure. It was so funny because one of my classmate almost stays behind, the travel started at 5 o`clock in the morning, and we had to wait for him to 6 !...
When the bus travel began, we immediately started to sing and make jokes to everybody. Then we fell asleep and when we woke up, the teacher said to us that we were almost in Mendoza, so we tried to look and take pictures to the landscape before we arrived.
At the hotel, we divided the rooms in groups of 3 or 4 persons, and the rooms was one next to the odder, so in night we all locked into one room and started to makes jokes and have some drinks. During our trip, we went to lunch every day to the "free forks ", then we went to the zoo, but we didn´t like it because of the animal mistreatment, some days all the girls of the class went shopping, and all the boys went to do sports. Some nights we go to parties and discos, but the most of the time we were all together feasting at the hotel.
This trip is one of my favorites because it was the last moment that me and my friends were all together having a very good time as joined brothers, we grown up together so it was so nice to spend 2 weeks with they and I’m sure that we all miss each other.