Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The sense of life

This is a very hard question, very difficult to ask and to answer. It’s very personal, but also cultural. It’s trying to write about things I think every day when I sit on my bed and try to order my experiences. Is something that all of us have in common, the searching of the meaning of life, and I think that all of us, students, relatively, share some topics about our vision of life. I believe the most basic thing: my sense of life consist in searching of happiness, in short and long term. These include all the trips I want to do, all the dreams I have and my projects in general. Also be always be surrounded by my friends, family and good people. I also believe that life always are teaching us about being virtuous and calm, enjoy the simple things day by day. I don’t believe in pre-destination or things like that. I’m just trying to learn all languages (not idioms) of all the different cultures I can. It’s always very difficult to talk about something that we don’t know, but the thing that I’m sure that me and my friends and partners have in common is the sense of fight; for our rights, for a better country, and for all our ideals, because we have the certainty that we are in the right way.

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  1. I think the sense of life is the same for all of us in the class! Searching happiness, being with the family and friends!