Wednesday, 1 February 2012

2012, the end of the world?

According to the Maya’s calendar, a lot of promotion about the end of the world has been done for all over the globe. This is happening because scientists have found that this calendar has an end, and also has some predictions about things or catastrophes that had happen in a lot of countries, like capitalism, murders, terrorism and natural events like earthquakes, etc.

The calendar has an end, which means that our history, our age, the age of our world as come to and end. Not at all, Maya’s calendar is only one element about their predictions, and the information about the end of our world is not there, and is not anywhere. Maybe mayas were still building the calendar by the arrival of the Spanish, and they didn’t finish it. Anyways, Nostradamus coincides with this prophecy, and he also predicted a lot of events of our history, but I think that everyone can know that in a lot more years there will be wars and human catastrophes, because it ‘s just how our history works, by cycles.

I think that because of the recent events, the world has to come to and end in the social way. Maybe energy changes, maybe culture changes, or maybe aware changes in all people. I think that this has to changed, but I don’t believe that it will this year. I think that the end of the world is only northamerican promotion to sell or to frighten the rest of the world with its power. (jaja)

Now, if the world was going to come to and end, I’m sure that I would party and drink a lot with all my friends and family, to wait our death with a smile in our faces.

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