Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The scary picture

It was Wednesday, and i was drawing a very beautiful woman playing violin. She was a very very fat woman, with a very long hair, and she were using it as the strings of her violin. But anyways she had a very sweet face and her gaze was very intense. I was so inspired that they (jaja). But when i stood up to smoke a cigarette, i saw the women move! …. I know i’m not crazy, and i know that i wasn’t drugged. I’m sure that i saw her move and play her violin! A few minutes later i told that to my mother and she laughed at me for a very long time. Then i went to the bathroom and when i got out of that place, my drawing was outside!, at my garden! So i took “the woman” inside the house and leave it in my bed. Then i went to look at my mom when i heared a noise in my room. I ran to my room to see what happened, and “the woman was on the window! So I said to myself OMG, take it easy Javi, maybe you leaved her on the window and you don’t remember. I got out of my room and went to smoke another cigar. Then i remembered… “where is my mom?”…I started to look at her at all over the house. She was in nowhere. I went very slowly and quietly to my room… and there was she! Putting my picture in the closet! She had been playing with me all the time! The two of us laughed all that afternoon.

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